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Handsets and Adapters - Gigabit Ethernet Stand V2

Gigabit Ethernet Stand V2
Gigabit Ethernet Stand V2Gigabit Ethernet Stand V2

Gigabit Ethernet Stand V2

Refurbished to Grade A and Tested by Professional Technicians
Product ID: 50006371
Price: $45.00

Gigabit Ethernet Stand V2
Fully diagnosed, repaired, refurbished and tested by Professional Technicians.
Provides customers with higher bandwidth connectivity at the desktop.
Dual-port 100/1000baseT built into an IP phone base that repalces a standard base for existing Mitel IP phones.
Proovides a base for Mitel IP phones leaving the module slot free for use with Mitel IP Programmable Key Modules (PKM), Line Interface Module, Mitel 5310 IP Conference Module or Cordless (DECT) Accessories Module.


    Version 2 Gigabit Ethernet Stand for IP Phones.
    Provides 3 interfaces: A Gigabit Ethernet LAN interface to connect to a Gigabit Switch; A Gigabit Ethernet PC interface, and a 10/100 MB Ethernet interface to the IP phone.
    Powered via 802.3af PoE.
    Can be used with Mitel 5312, 5320, 5324, 5330, 5340 and Mitel 5215/5220 Dual mode IP phones.
    Requires: Mitel Communications Director (MCD) 4.0 SP3 or 4.1 SP2, Mitel SX-200 ICP 5.0, Mitel SIP phone software 8.0


1 year warranty